Energy Metering & RHI

    Selection and provision of process instruments for Heating or Cooling Systems and other Energy projects such as Geothermal & Biothermal and Steam. Our range includes MID Class 2 Approved Heat/Energy meters suitable for RHI. Functional Verification for Energy/Heating & Cooling Systems with experience in supporting the application for Renewable Heat Incentive and other reporting/calibration requirements.

  • Sitrans FUE 380 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • Brewing / Beverages

    SIGRIST turbidimeters and absorptiometers for in-line process control help to automate individual process steps, besides giving the brewmaster important information on the status of those steps. At the same time, SIGRIST laboratory turbidimeters ensure MEBAK-compliant quality control in the laboratory.

  • Colour of Beer on the Blending Unit

  • Phase Separation Beer / Water

  • Phase Separation Fruit Juice /Water

  • Phase Separation Water / Wort

  • Phase Separation Yeast / Beer

  • Turbidity at Whirlpool / Centrifuge Separator

  • Turbidity for Beer Filtration Monitoring

  • Turbidity in free-run Must

  • Turbidity in the Brewery Laboratory

  • Yeast Dosing in Breweries

  • Water Treatment

    Continuous monitoring of important sum parameters such as turbidity, DOC levels, colour and oil concentration guarantees that impurities in raw water or flaws in the treatment process will be detected immediately, thus ensuring that only water of impeccable quality is supplied to consumers.

  • Conductivity in Raw / Treated Water

  • Dissolved Oxygen in Raw / Treated water

  • DOC (UV Absorption) in Raw Water

  • ORP in Raw / Treated Water

  • pH Value in Raw / Treated Water

  • Turbidity after Sand Filter

  • Turbidity for Flocculant Dosing

  • Turbidity in Raw Water

  • Automotive

    The SITRANS F C flowmeter is engineered to improve R&D testing capabilities, drive out costs and ignite major process improvements, and has proven its value in a wide range of demanding industries. SITRANS F C flowmeters are deployed in fuel conditioning and consumption measurement applications.

  • Engine Consumption Measurement

  • Mining/Aggregates/Cement

    Providing process control in tough environments our process instrumentation portfolio gives you the precise, integrated automation you need to deliver the best production efficiency, energy optimisation and safety, whether you are modernising existing operations or developing new facilities.

  • Process Instrumentation for Mining Aggregates & Cement

  • Providing process control in tough environments

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