Company Profile

Flowright Metering Systems Ltd

…has more than 40 years' experience in industrial processes and instrumentation, we provide a wide range of metering and analytical equipment to meet the requirements of the individual customer project and offer tailored solutions to industries such as Energy Monitoring, Heat & Power plants, Water Treatment, Food & Beverages, Paper, Aggregates, Chemical industries and more. We offer full after sales service and support to new and existing customers. As a Siemens Global Approved Partner we aim to provide the correct meter for your particular application at the most competitive price.

Flowright Metering Systems Ltd is also an approved UK agent for SIGRIST Photometer AG of Switzerland, manufactures of analytical equipment measuring important parameters such as turbidity, colour, DOC levels and oil concentration. SIGRIST turbidimeters and absorptiometers for in-line process control help to automate individual process steps, as well as giving important information on the status of those steps, improving process continuity and reducing process costs.

Mission statement

Flowright Metering Systems Ltd strive to deliver the highest value to our customers as a premier metering and instrumentation services company, having developed a unique portfolio of products and services, we aim to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value.

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