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Flowright Metering Systems Ltd are fully trained to use the Siemens Verificator and inspect the quality of meter installation, a certificate is issued as proof of verification detailing the meter parameters with a full verification report to confirm meter performance according to quality standard ISO 9001 and management standard ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025. The verification process can be completed for as many meters as required, we will export and collate all reports/certificates generated and present along with the necessary support needed in replacing any instruments or returning instruments to Siemens for Calibration, below is some detail about the verification procedure, if you would like a quotation for this service or require any further detail please do not hesitate to contact us.

The SITRANS F M Verificator is a highly advanced instrument used to carry out the complex verification and performance check, according to unique Siemens patented principles. The Verificator checks the general operation conditions of the flowmeter but also that the flowmeter is within specification including the sensor's magnetic integrity. The verification process takes only 15 minutes and is fully automated.

The SITRANS F M Verificator can be used with the following MAG sensors and trans¬mitters:

  • SITRANS F M MAG 1100: Wafer construction
  • SITRANS F M MAG 1100 F: Food and pharma sensor
  • SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W: Water applications
  • SITRANS F M MAG 3100: Flexible sensor program
  • SITRANS F M MAG 3100 P: Chemical and process applications
  • SITRANS F M MAG 5000: Measuring accuracy of + 0.4 % of flow rate, most cost effective transmitter
  • SITRANS F M MAG 6000: Measuring accuracy of + 0.2 % of flow rate, has bus communication and batch


  • Output: RS 232 Galvanically isolated
  • Operation Tempurature: From -20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
  • Medium Tempurature: From 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
  • PC Software: Windows 95, 98, NT or XP


  • In-situ check of performance without interrupting the flowmeter installation
  • Fully automated – no manual set up or data input – with predefined factory accept levels
  • No expensive removal or installation costs
  • Full verification report to confirm meter performance according to quality standard ISO 9001 and management standard ISO 14001

SITRANS F M Verificator (MAG 5000 and 6000 )

The SITRANS F M Verificator is an external tool designed for the MAG 5000 and MAG 6000 with MAG 1100, MAG 1100 F, MAG 3100, MAG 3100 P or MAG 5100 W sensors to verify the entire product, the installation and the application.

The goal is to improve operation, reduce downtime and maintain measurement accuracy as long as possible.

The SITRANS F M Verificator is highly advanced and carries out the complex verification and performance check of the entire flowmeter system, according to unique Siemens patented principles. The whole verification test is automated and easy to operate so there is no opportunity for human error or influence. The system is traceable to international standards and tested by WRc (Water Research Council).

Verification - Steps

Verification of a SITRANS F M flowmeter consists of the following test routines:

  1. Transmitter test
  2. Flowmeter and cable insulation test
  3. Sensor magnetism test

1. Transmitter test

The transmitter test is the traditional way of on-site testing on the market and checks the complete electronic system from signal input to output.

Using the excitation power output, which is generated to drive the magnetic field of the sensor, the verificator simulates flow signal to the transmitter input. By measuring the transmitter outputs the verificator calculates its accuracy against defined values:

  • Excitation power to drive the magnetic field
  • Signal function from signal input to output
  • Signal processing – gain, offset and linearity
  • Test of analogue and frequency output

2. Insulation test

The verification test of the flowmeter insulation is a „cross talk“ test of the entire flowmeter which ensures that the flow signal generated in the sensor is not affected by any external influences. In the "cross-talk" test the verificator generates a high voltage disturbance within the coil circuit and then looks for any "crosstalk" induced in the flow signal circuit. By generating dynamic disturbances close-coupled to the flow signal, the flowmeter is tested for noise immunity to a maximum level:

  • EMC influence on the flow signal
  • Moisture in sensor, connection and terminal box
  • Non-conductive deposit coating the electrodes within the sensor
  • Missing or poor grounding, shielding and cable connection.

3. Sensor magnetism test

The verification of the sensor magnetism is a "boost" test of the magnetic field coil. The test ensures that the magnetism behaviour is like the first time, by comparing the current sensor magnetism with the "fingerprint" which was determined during initial calibration and stored in the SENSORPROM memory unit. In the "boost" test the verificator changes the magnetic field in certain pattern and with high voltage to get quick stable magnetic condition. This unique test is fulfilled without any interference or compensation of surrounding temperature or interconnecting cabling.

  • Changes in dynamic magnetic behaviour
  • Magnetic influence inside and outside the sensor
  • Missing or poor coil wire and cable connection


The test certificate generated by a PC contains:

  • Test result with passed or failed
  • Installation specification
  • Flowmeter specification and configuration
  • Verificator specification with date of calibration ensuring traceability to international standards.

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